We see regularly dogs in training which present behaviour problems. 

Some behaviour is normal dog behaviour but it bothers the humans. 

Other behaviour has serious causes like anxiety, aggression, chronic stress, separation anxiety, stereotypes etc...


Together we will find out the causes of the behaviour and we will search for the best solutions. 

We will not have quick solutions for most of the behaviour problems. Dogs are living beings who are adapting their behaviour to the environment they live in, just like humans.

If you dog shows a behaviour that bothers you in a particular situation, this dog may perceive as a threat or he/she does not know how to react appropriately. 

Of course medical issues may also be a cause of your dog's behaviour problem. This should be checked by your veterinarian or a veterinary behaviourist. 

To prevent behaviour problems in the future it is important that: dog owners learn about the canine body language, dog owners are aware of the needs of their dog and that they understand that their dog is a highly social living being.  We owe to them and our fellow men to educate the dogs and make them ready to confront the challenges of our daily life! 


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