Stephanie junker

Considerate, patient and, above all, crazy about animals (above all, dogs) are the characteristics that primarily describe my personality.

I have been fascinated by animals and especially dogs since my childhood. It is therefore hardly surprising that my two dogs surround me every day and that I love spending time with them. In 2018, I completed my apprenticeship at ATN (Akademie für Naturheilkunde) in Switzerland and of course I continue my education thought seminars. It is important for me to always be up to date with the latest research and to continuously expand my knowledge in order to be able to assist you and your dog in all possible queries.

Thanks to my pedagogical studies, not only do the dogs benefit from friendly training, but the clients are also approached with sensitivity and understanding.

My main concern is to find the best possible solution for both: the dog owner and the dog. Especially in dog training, I think it is important that the solutions are not general and the same for everyone, but are tailor-made for the individual needs of a human-dog team. Pressure, violence, fear and stress have no place in my training. I prefer to refer to modern learning theories and therefore to create a pleasant atmosphere in which dogs and humans feel comfortable. It goes without saying that I reject methods that aim to cause pain (mental and physical cause) to the animal.

If you are ready to train based on the latest scientific knowledge and non-violent handling of your dog, you are in the right place with me and I look forward to getting to know you and your four-legged partner.

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