If you're looking for group training, you find all the necessary information under nicedogs.lu 

If you're looking for individual training, all the trainers may help you, it depends on your location. 

Our training is based on a fair handling of the dog. 

We focus on a clear communication with the dog. 

We don't need to scare the dog or to inflict pain to the dog. 


Nevertheless it does not mean that we ignore unwanted behaviour or that we don't put limits to the dog. 


We offer Basic Training with the goal to set up a harmonious relationship between you and your dog. 

You have the possibility to choose between individual lessons or group lessons. 

Puppies and young dogs will get the best start in life. Adult dogs and senior dogs still may learn to deal with our human daily life. 

Basics are recall, loose leash walking, serenity, feeling safe in the environment and much more... 

We are looking to meet you and your dog! 

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