Dr Sylvie neis

I am a veterinarian since 2002 and I worked in a general practice until 2011. From 2011 until 2014 I went to Spain to mainly help animals in the shelters. Back in Luxembourg in 2014, I opened a new practice in Wiltz, but I quickly recognised that I wanted to concentrate on animal behaviour medicine. I attended different courses in animal behaviour medicine and earned the Certificate GPCert An Beh. 

I did not only want to learn the theory but also how to use the theory in practice. I became a dog trainer student with Viviane Theby at the Scheuerhof in Wittlich. My practical hours are mainly done in training chicken, by doing medical training with the dogs, and of course my daily work with my own dogs.

I am promoting fair, force-free training without fear and pain. Animal behaviour and animal training is based on science which needs to be learnt to understand how animals learn. Only by knowing and understanding the learning theory, you can improve and help the animals and their owners. 

Science develops daily and it is my duty to stay up to date all the time. It is always amazing to see how animals behave and how they can learn as soon as the human is clear in what he wants to teach to the animal. 

Positive training asks a lot of the animal's owner. It needs a clear mind change. Humans have the tendency to wait for faults and correct these. As humans we learnt too often to work with punishment. In positive training we think differently and we will reward good behaviour, because the animal will show good behaviour before it will show an unwanted behaviour. 

Every living on this planet only does what is worthwhile to do. So we will train in the way that it will be worthwile for the animal to show the behaviour again. 

In my dog school I propose group classes. My main focus lies on puppy and youngsters education in small groups. 

For some dogs individual training is better at the beginning before entering a group class. 

As veterinarian I may help you with your animal's behaviour problems (dogs and cats). 

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